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HubSpot CRM Review

“HubSpot: A Swiss army knife that costs less than an arm and a leg, initially” Overall: My experience has been great with HubSpot. The Free and Starter plans offers excellent values and functionalities. Instead of… Read More »HubSpot CRM Review

Salesforce CRM Review

Salesforce: 800-pound CRM gorilla Pro: What do you like most about this software? Salesforce is undoubtedly the 800-pound gorilla in the CRM realm. Investments into an ecosystem that is ubiquitous and ever expanding are usually… Read More »Salesforce CRM Review

Backstop Review

“Ready-to-use CRM with sensible extensibility” Overall: A cloud-based CRM to centrally store business contacts, collaterals, qualitative and quantitative data and share amongst different departments. Combing Report Builder, Excel Toolkit and API allows end-users to self-serve… Read More »Backstop Review