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Jira Review

“Feature-Rich & Ultra Customizable. User-Friendliness Lagging Though.”

Overall: Upon test-driving the usual suspects, i.e. Pivotal, Asana, Trello, Wrike and even Excel, I still consider Jira the most capable for tracking projects, requirements, bugs as well as support requests. The abundant opportunities to integrate with other applications is another huge plus. Usability, however, skews the learning curve to the far right and posts a sizeable hurdle to adoption.

Pros: Jira can handle any scenario you could imagine throwing at it! The ultimate customizability and endless pathways to perform an exact task are Jira’s strengths. The built-in reporting and analytics capabilities are truly impressive. Integrability easily beats its competitors.

Cons: The UI is overly complicated. Even experienced admins end up spending hours looking up Atlassian support forum, just to perform the most fundamental chores. Try changing permission, for instance! Now imagine how confused end-users would get! The entire platform seems very much programmer-designed. Atlassian, please invest in a UX team.