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Jira Review

“Feature-Rich & Ultra Customizable. User-Friendliness Lagging Though.” Overall: Upon test-driving the usual suspects, i.e. Pivotal, Asana, Trello, Wrike and even Excel, I still consider Jira the most capable for tracking projects, requirements, bugs as well… Read More »Jira Review

PowerPoint Review

“A Grown-Up Product Facing Existential Crisis.” Overall: SharePoint does a lot but doesn’t any one task exceedingly well. Its traditional strength as a collaboration platform has been surpassed by other modern offerings. The ability to… Read More »PowerPoint Review

Airtable Review

“Airtable revolutionizes the boring concept of relational database and makes it hip again!” Overall: The capability and flexibility to rapidly launch a database, then incrementally revise schema, business logic, and views as needs evolve. The… Read More »Airtable Review