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Backstop CRM: Identity Search II

First of all, many congrats to Backstop who was recently awarded the 2018 Best Data and Technology Provider by CIO Magazine, while everybody was busy at holiday parties. We the customers will surely reap the benefits from all the exciting innovations in the pipeline.  

With that said, let’s jump straight back to business and resume our lifelong learning journey. Happy 2019! 

Choosing Identities

We dissected the Backstop Party ID in Part I: Backstop Identity Search and will now move onto another little-known secret, searching by Backstop IDs. All Backstop activity objects (Note, Document, Meeting, Call, and Email) are given one. Do not mix these up with Backstop Party IDs that belong only to Contacts (i.e. Organizations and Persons).

How does that knowledge enhance your life though? Consider these potential benefits as New Year presents.

  • Expedite Activity Search, especially while Backstop revamps its search engine
  • Monitor data hygiene and enforce best practices, with Scheduled Reports
  • Maximize work-life balance and time for leisurely activities (readers’ favorite)

Every Backstop activity is automatically issued a Backstop ID. As soon as you successfully add an activity, that ID persists through the activity lifespan. It is like a Social Security Number (minus the risk of identity thefts).

Most importantly, this is a system-generated field that is numeric and indexed. Searching on Backstop IDs are computationally more efficient than other open-text fields (e.g. Title). Every second matters.

Scheduled Reports

The capability of scheduling reports is a great addition. It frees you from sitting idly while the intelligence is gathered and gift-wrapped. Below is a sample daily report that identifies activities without any tag. The goal is to reach out to the responsible parties and reinforce established guidelines, very gently and compassionately.

[Interested in whipping up advanced reports? Read Advanced Report Filtering Hacks]

Activity Search

A quick glance at the report above tells us two activities entered today are missing Activities Tags. Armed with this knowledge, we can swiftly drop that ID into Activity Search and land on the exact activity without any fuss.

No, you cannot unsee that!

Secret Wishlist

Christmas is a few months away but it is never too early to start building a wishlist though. Secretly, I’d love to see one (1) combined search box that is intelligent enough to sort through the context and scopes. Even more ambitiously, a “living” search algorithm that adapts to intra-company usage metrics and provides spookingly predictive results.  

All these may sound a little futuristic. Well, how else could we ever turn CRM software into smart think tanks instead of simple data repositories?