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Backstop CRM: Contact and Relationship Hacks

Having rolled out Backstop last winter, life has been generally awesome. After an extensive Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) effort, global end-user training sessions, and an ongoing pruning process, the data is close to a sparkling clean state.

Past few weeks, our team has been focusing on further enhancing the overall data hygiene. One can hardly be too clean or rich. Backstop Excel Toolkit (ETK) and data upload tools play a pivotal role in this campaign.

A number of objects, however, are not currently updatable, without leveraging the RESTful API module and coding prowess. Contact and Relationship records cannot be removed in bulk using the upload tools. Understandably, relationship is eternally a complex subject and should not be taken lightly.

This Python hack achieves the above objectives programmatically by feeding Backstop Party IDs to the corresponding action pages. Every mouse click matters!

Making Wise Life Choices

The Gist below illustrates two ways to feed in IDs. The first method is simplest and uses a hard-coded list. The second one pulls the data off a CSV file. The latter is a cleaner approach as the dataset grows. Do keep an eye on errors from timeout and excessive simultaneous connections, however.

Consider yourself warned. A contact that is in a relationship cannot be deleted. It is a desirable, built-in safeguard to ensure data integrity. Life isn’t all that different. Each relationship is sacred in its own manner.

Enough of Dr. Phil. Let’s talk code.

Backstop User Conference (BUC) 2018

This is a sneak preview of my upcoming BUC 2018 presentation: Client Success Showcase: Increase Efficiency in Backstop on June 7, 2018. I am extremely honored to be speaking and looking forward to meeting the Backstop family and friends!