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Backstop Beyond User Conference 2020

For the past few years, Backstop Beyond (aka BUC) has been the one event I look forward the most. One late summer morning, I was moping around feeling unsure how this October (2020) would unfold. Lo and behold, my dear friend Maryling Yu pinged me out of the blue and shared the prospect of launching Beyond as a virtual conference.

How Backstop pulled this huge effort off so rapidly remained a mystery to me. One thing for sure though, Backstop lovers all around the world should feel blessed and loved. Hats off to the entire Backstop organization! 

Even more blessed, Maryling extended an invitation to my boss, Jon Roller, and me to present. Having deployed Backstop ourselves a couple years ago, our team has accumulated some field lessons learned on driving adoption. So we baked all the topics together along with some funny graphics into this presentation. 

Without further ado, below is the slide deck as well some additional references. Feedback is a gift; please be generous with your honest thoughts. Thank you!

Featured Presentation

Slide Deck


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