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WordPress Review

“Sweet Spot between Form and Function” Overall: I play the roles of admin, developer, editor in WordPress for many years. The product has evolved significantly over the years. However, the changes have never been so… Read More »WordPress Review

SharePoint Review

“A Grown-Up Product Facing Existential Crisis.” Overall: SharePoint does a lot but doesn’t any one task exceedingly well. Its traditional strength as a collaboration platform has been surpassed by other modern offerings. The ability to… Read More »SharePoint Review

Reflektive Review

“It’s me, not you, Reflektive.” Overall: To be fair, our organization perhaps is leveraging Reflektive differently from other organizations. Real-time feedback/compliment is our secondary goal; performance measurement (eg annual review) is our primary objective. The… Read More »Reflektive Review

Paychex Flex Review

“Paychex Flex: a Necessary Evil?” Overall: Very few could say they are in love with their HR software platform. Paychex Flex is no exception. It is a necessary process that end users endure before moving… Read More »Paychex Flex Review

HubSpot CRM Review

“HubSpot: A Swiss army knife that costs less than an arm and a leg, initially” Overall: My experience has been great with HubSpot. The Free and Starter plans offers excellent values and functionalities. Instead of… Read More »HubSpot CRM Review

Gmail Review

“Function Over Form: Neither Swan Nor Ugly Duckling.” Overall: An extremely reliable product backed with rock solid infrastructure and engineering. Pros: Spinning up a Gmail and/or Google Workspace account is a breeze compared to Outlook.… Read More »Gmail Review

Salesforce CRM Review

Salesforce: 800-pound CRM gorilla Pro: What do you like most about this software? Salesforce is undoubtedly the 800-pound gorilla in the CRM realm. Investments into an ecosystem that is ubiquitous and ever expanding are usually… Read More »Salesforce CRM Review

Buffer Review

“Buffer: Social Distance Smartly” Overall: My experience has been great with Buffer. While the bread and butter is undoubtedly its Publishing feature, I very much enjoy the recently added Engage functionality, where I can reply… Read More »Buffer Review

Backstop Review

“Ready-to-use CRM with sensible extensibility” Overall: A cloud-based CRM to centrally store business contacts, collaterals, qualitative and quantitative data and share amongst different departments. Combing Report Builder, Excel Toolkit and API allows end-users to self-serve… Read More »Backstop Review

Notion Review

“Jack of All Trades” Overall: My experience with Notion started with a single focus to replace OneNote. While OneNote is tolerable co-existing with its MS Office brethren, it lacks 3rd party integration such as Chrome… Read More »Notion Review