30 Sep, 2014

Sell Your Internet Business For Millions
Elaine Pofeldt, forbes.com

Not every startup gets acquired for the eye-popping price tags of the mobile app WhatsApp ($19 billion), virtual reality startup Oculus VR ($2 billion) or high-tech thermostat maker Nest Labs ($3.2 billion). But for healthy internet firms, it’s ve…

26 Sep, 2014

5 Powerful SEO Metrics and Data Points You Need to Watch

Scott Langdon, entrepreneur.com

Tracking your website analytics isn’t a “set it and forget it” endeavor. As an entrepreneur, it’s important you reevaluate annually what data you’re tracking — especially important when it comes to SEO. Because Google updates its algorithm so oft…

21 Sep, 2014

Why You Should ‘Shark Tank’ Your Idea Before Launching A Crowdfunding Campaign
Michael Wolf, forbes.com

The crowdfunding success stories are intoxicating.

Most of us can’t help but admire those who, after getting millions of dollars for watches, beer coolers and games, transform from lowly aspiring entrepreneur to Wikipedia-worthy, in-demand exec…

19 Sep, 2014

5 Tweaks to Your Website That Could Increase Sales 300%
Tom Wentworth, mashable.com

This article is part of SWOT Team, a new series on Mashable that features insights from leaders in marketing, brand-building and public relations.

A company website is a must-have in today’s Internet-driven economy. But while most compani…

19 Sep, 2014

17 Things Great Leaders Always Say to Their Employees
BY John Brandon @jmbrandonbb, inc.com


Want to be a great leader? Say these phrases to your employees.

Quick, name your favorite boss of all time. I’ll wait here for you to think of him or her.

Playing Jeopardy music.

OK, do you have the answer?

Now think about something…

17 Sep, 2014

Peter Thiel: Google Has Insane Perks Because It’s A Monopoly
Drake Baer, businessinsider.com

In his new book “Zero to One,” PayPal cofounder, billionaire tech investor, and suit-hater Peter Thiel argues that Google is a monopoly — and every company should want to be one, too.

Thiel says a monopoly is “a kind of company that’s so good at…

11 Sep, 2014

7 Influential Bay Area Business Leaders
BY Drew Hendricks @DrewAHendricks, inc.com


The Bay Area has a pretty high concentration of influential people, especially if you were to measure influence by the Time 100 list.

Peppered throughout the list of athletes, politicians, tech mavens on Time’s list of the 100 Most…

8 Sep, 2014

6 Google Analytics tools your company probably isn’t using but should
John Boitnott, venturebeat.com


Google Analytics is a powerful and free service that businesses often use to measure the effectiveness of their online marketing campaigns. The system is genuinely intuitive and offers many services that businesses have used since it…

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