3 Jul, 2014

6 Common Traits of the Biggest Apps
Rahul Varshneya, entrepreneur.com

What makes an app suc­cess­ful? There are many fac­tors that deter­mine the suc­cess of an app, but if you study the jour­ney of each of the cur­rent crop of big apps, you can draw a few com­mon threads between them.

If your app meets these…

1 Jul, 2014

How to Psych Yourself Up to Make That Call
Jeff Shore, entrepreneur.com

Does any­one real­ly like mak­ing sales calls? Well, yes, actu­al­ly. Some peo­ple do. But many don’t.

I fall into the lat­ter cat­e­go­ry, although I have learned to lever­age my dis­com­fort into suc­cess. And, as they say, if I can do it, so …

30 Jun, 2014

25 Entrepreneurs Reveal What They Wish They’d Known Before Their First Startup
Jillian D’Onfro, businessinsider.com

Found­ing a com­pa­ny isn’t for the faint of heart.

Every entre­pre­neur — no mat­ter the size of their com­pa­ny — faces tough deci­sions and seem­ing­ly insur­mount­able strug­gles at some point in the process of get­ting their idea off the…

24 Jun, 2014

How to Snag Higher Paying Gigs
Dorie Clark, entrepreneur.com

When I start­ed my con­sult­ing busi­ness eight years ago, I was — shall we say — less picky about the assign­ments I accept­ed. Almost any­thing that involved a pay­check and the abil­i­ty to add anoth­er entry to my client list was a thrill. B…

18 Jun, 2014

27 Tips for Mastering Anything
Jenna Goudreau, entrepreneur.com

What does it take to become a mas­ter at your craft? Is genius innate, or can it be learned?

In his book, “Mas­tery,” Robert Greene draws from the lat­est research, inter­views mod­ern mas­ters, and exam­ines the lives of for­mer greats like Alb…

9 Jun, 2014

How To Speak McKinsey: 15 Key Phrases To Pass Yourself Off As A Top Management Consultant

Brett Arends, forbes.com

Maybe you want to sound like a $5,000 a day strat­e­gy con­sul­tant.

Maybe you think if you sound like a McK­in­sey con­sul­tant the CEO will sud­den­ly pay atten­tion to what you’re say­ing.

Or maybe you have con­sul­tants swarm­ing all over…

9 Jun, 2014

The Top 10 Small Business Bets, Post-Recession and Next Recession
David Nilssen, entrepreneur.com

It’s been almost five years since the reces­sion offi­cial­ly ended, and we’ve final­ly stopped see­ing head­lines warn­ing about the pos­si­bil­i­ty of a “dou­ble dip.” Does this mean we’re in the clear from here on out?

I wish! But…

28 May, 2014

KPCB Internet trends 2014
Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, slideshare.net

The lat­est edi­tion of the annu­al Inter­net Trends report includes:1. Key Inter­net trends show­ing slow­ing Inter­net user growth but strong smart­phone, tablet and mobile data traf­fic growth as well as rapid growth in mobile advertising.2.…

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