22 Aug, 2014

4 alternatives to increasingly expensive Facebook ads
Drew Hendricks, AudienceBloom, venturebeat.com


The news that the average cost of a Facebook ad had jumped 123 percent compared to a year ago was disheartening for small businesses.

Until recently, growing businesses and startups had found the social media site an affordable plac…

18 Aug, 2014

How to go from tech founder to a CTO/leader role
Darshan Somashekar, drop.io/Young Entrepreneur’s Council, venturebeat.com


How do you create a scalable tech team capable of tackling and building on thousands of lines of your own untested code? If you’ve ever faced this question, you know how daunting it is — so I’d like to share some lessons from my own…

15 Aug, 2014

Double Your Profits in 12 Months

BY William R. Patterson, inc.com


While some strategies and their profit potential may vary by industry and company size, here are eight powerful strategies that you can implement to help boost your company’s profits by 20 to 100 percent in a…

14 Aug, 2014

8 Advanced Webmaster Tools You Should Be Using for Better SEO
Neil Patel, entrepreneur.com

Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) is one of the most powerful resources in an online marketer’s toolbox — especially when it comes to SEO. Most of us know how to get around in GWT, and are familiar with some of its basic functions. But there’s so much…

14 Aug, 2014

Building a Software Business? 3 Data Points Your VC Needs to Get Up to Speed

BY Mackey Craven @MackeyCraven, inc.com


How being prepared with a few critical pieces of information can streamline your fundraising process

So you’ve hit your pitch out of the park and engaged several VCs on your shortlist—congrats! Now that you have an open dialog with…

6 Aug, 2014

10 Must-See Videos on Business, Creativity and Success
Gregory Ciotti, entrepreneur.com

On the unpredictable road of entrepreneurship, it can be immensely helpful to receive guidance and advice from those who have traveled those roads already.

Their experiences, distilled into teachable information, can help the rest of us avoid…

6 Aug, 2014

How to Recruit and Hire the Team You Need at Each Phase of Startup Growth
Carrie Simonds, entrepreneur.com

Around the end of 2010, after working in private equity for five years, then going on to get my MBA, I took a job as one of the first 10 hires at a mobile gaming startup called Pocket Gems. In the four years that have followed, I’ve helped it grow…

3 Aug, 2014

7 Entrepreneurs You Should Start Following Now
Jeff Shore, entrepreneur.com

Want some inspiration? Start following inspiring people. And when I say “follow,” I am not referring only to Twitter, although that is an excellent starting point. I mean follow as in study, investigate, hear, heed, sit at their feet and absorb th…

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