31 Jul, 2014

10 cash-strapped PR strategies you can adopt to improve ROI by tenfold
Dmitry Davydov, thenextweb.com

PR is hard. And expensive. Most of the time, you get nothing out of it. And when your company finally is mentioned in an article, even in a big publication, the results can be disappointing. One time, we got a whooping 169 visitors after being…

25 Jul, 2014

How to Answer Questions Better Than Anyone Else
Debra Benton, entrepreneur.com

Be as will­ing to respond to ques­tions as you are will­ing to ask them. If you hes­i­tate to answer, peo­ple think you aren’t coop­er­a­tive, don’t know the answer, don’t know what you’re doing, or that you lack con­fi­dence. You might even be…

25 Jul, 2014

Become a Better Blogger Today With These 4 Actions
Zach Cutler, entrepreneur.com

More than two mil­lion blog posts are pub­lished every day, accord­ing to data from Tech­no­rati.

With mas­sive amounts of con­tent being pub­lished each day, how do you break through the noise and cre­ate con­tent that’s worth view­ing?


3 Jul, 2014

6 Common Traits of the Biggest Apps
Rahul Varshneya, entrepreneur.com

What makes an app suc­cess­ful? There are many fac­tors that deter­mine the suc­cess of an app, but if you study the jour­ney of each of the cur­rent crop of big apps, you can draw a few com­mon threads between them.

If your app meets these…

1 Jul, 2014

How to Psych Yourself Up to Make That Call
Jeff Shore, entrepreneur.com

Does any­one real­ly like mak­ing sales calls? Well, yes, actu­al­ly. Some peo­ple do. But many don’t.

I fall into the lat­ter cat­e­go­ry, although I have learned to lever­age my dis­com­fort into suc­cess. And, as they say, if I can do it, so …

30 Jun, 2014

25 Entrepreneurs Reveal What They Wish They’d Known Before Their First Startup
Jillian D’Onfro, businessinsider.com

Found­ing a com­pa­ny isn’t for the faint of heart.

Every entre­pre­neur — no mat­ter the size of their com­pa­ny — faces tough deci­sions and seem­ing­ly insur­mount­able strug­gles at some point in the process of get­ting their idea off the…

24 Jun, 2014

How to Snag Higher Paying Gigs
Dorie Clark, entrepreneur.com

When I start­ed my con­sult­ing busi­ness eight years ago, I was — shall we say — less picky about the assign­ments I accept­ed. Almost any­thing that involved a pay­check and the abil­i­ty to add anoth­er entry to my client list was a thrill. B…

18 Jun, 2014

27 Tips for Mastering Anything
Jenna Goudreau, entrepreneur.com

What does it take to become a mas­ter at your craft? Is genius innate, or can it be learned?

In his book, “Mas­tery,” Robert Greene draws from the lat­est research, inter­views mod­ern mas­ters, and exam­ines the lives of for­mer greats like Alb…

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